Our Service Pledge

As a construction company founded in 1950, Chiles & Sillivan's primary goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. To this end, we are dedicated to providing you with a superb team of professionals knowledgeable in serving your construction requirements. When you select Chiles & Sillivan for whatever type of construction you need accomplished, you have our commitment that we will do the job properly and to your specifications. Through our investment in dedicated people and teamwork, Chiles & Sillivan continually strives to live up to the reputation we have earned and pledges to work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.

There’s no reason why the construction experience can’t be a good experience for the client and that happens when he or she know what’s going on with their job. When it is a good experience, the client feels good and we feel good too.
— Donald R. Sillivan Jr., President

The Team Concept

The team concept recognizes that the client has three essential goals when considering construction: need, cost, and quality. To achieve these goals, Chiles & Sillivan prefers to establish a construction team in conjunction with the client and architect. This concept is firmly rooted in trust and integrity which permits open and concise communication among members of the team. The result is that the team is capable of developing designs, ideas, estimates, and working drawings with the owner’s best interests at the forefront of consideration. Chiles & Sillivan has embraced this concept ever since its founding because it has proven to be the best way to build customer trust and satisfaction.